Untold Stories

Refugee Relief Stories

From the Middle East and North Africa

From fear to faith
"I didn't know what else to do, so I prayed," Afaf shared with our partners, Horizons International. Afaf's situation was...
Providing for Lebanon’s most vulnerable
Preparing vulnerable communities for the COVID-19 Pandemic Half of Lebanon's 400 COVID-19 ICU beds are already full. Curfew is cu...
Portrait of a woman and a beautiful yellow patterned head scarf
Sara’s Story
Sara was living in a rural Aleppo province with her husband, Amir, and their nine children when the Syrian crisis broke out. After...
Counseling Center Opens
In a refugee camp that is home to 350 Muslim families, our partner saw a real and practical need: women’s counseling.  Most ref...
Mouneera’s Story
It was my first time in the church. They told us that God heals us through his son Jesus Christ and that God came to the world. "Why?"I wondered. "He’s God, why would he care about my sickness?"
Rami’s Story
Young Egyptian Christians are widening’s the doors of the Egyptian church Over half of Egypt is under the age of 25; that is 50 m...
Removing the stigma of children with special needs
Our partners provide Turkey’s first ministry to special needs refugee children Within the Middle East, there are certain stigmas ...
For security reasons, project locations on the map do not represent actual locations, but each pin (and circle with number of projects) in a certain country does represent an actual project that we are proud to support.