Equipping churches in Jordan for online ministry

April 16, 2020

Kais records segments for Remissions discipleship school

Overlooking the capital of Jordan

Kais' Youtube program now has over 20,000 unique visitors

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Jordan stands as a  bright light in the current darkness.

Jordan has been on lockdown since March 20, 2020. Leaving one’s home outside of allotted times results in a fine or jail time. All travel is banned, including within the country, and all non-essential businesses are closed.

With the majority of Jordan’s population under lockdown, MENA Collective partner Remission Ministries has seen a drastic jump in views and participation on their spiritual discussion videos.

“Our response team is on the go, working 24/7, responding to messages at 2 and 3 am,” Kais, director of Remission, shared. “We are overwhelmed; I feel like we need double the size of our current response team.”

Their channel’s Facebook page now has one of the highest engagement percentages in the region, which means that those who are liking their page truly care about the content they are putting out.

Launching virtual churches

Before launching their online church in 2018, Remission was told by some local Jordanian churches that it wasn’t a wise idea to create a virtual church community. Today, these same churches are reaching out to Remissions, asking for help on how to move their services online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep up with their discipleship tracks, Remission launched online Bible studies, with 20 to 30 people attending each time. Remission was planning on launching their official discipleship school, Istinara Academy, in June, but they are reconfiguring what their launch will look like under the current lockdown. Kais is beginning to record and upload all the teachings. They still plan on moving forward in training the 40 local millennials who have already signed up for theology, apologetics, and ministry-related skills.

“We believe this program will help create new leaders who will seek to serve the Lord with a bold vision,” Kais shared.“Please pray for the team to have energy; pray that we make sure that we are being pastoral with people. We don’t want to just put up content for the sake of putting up content.”


Pray with us for Jordan and Remission Ministries:


  • Pray for Remission’s’ team to stay healthy and energized.
  • Pray for continued insight in how to present the gospel to those searching for hope and truth.
  • Pray for the government of Jordan to continue responding to the needs of the most vulnerable and providing equal relief and support to all.