Haleh contracted a severe case of COVID-19 and was taken to a hospital in Tehran. Her family was unable to travel with her due to travel restrictions. As her mother said goodbye she wasn’t sure if she’d ever see her daughter again. After arriving in Tehran’s emergency care hospital, Haleh’s condition continued to worsen day by day.

After meeting one of our partners three years ago, Haleh’s aunt, Benila came to know Christ and is currently an active member of a secret house church in Tehran. After hearing about her niece’s battle with COVID-19,

Benila knew prayer was becoming Haleh’s last hope.

Benila’s house church prayed fervently for a miracle, from their homes they held an all-night prayer event praying for Haleh and other Iranians battling with COVID-19. The next morning Haleh woke up completely better! All traces of COVID-19 were gone! Doctor’s conducted the standard tests and she was all clear. As you can imagine, it caused a stir with the Iranian doctors and other patients.

Multiple doctors from across the hospital came up to Haleh asking what had happened. “Christians prayed for me,” Haleh answered.

Through this amazing testimony a number of Iranians have come to Jesus. Iran’s COVD-19 numbers continue to rise, but stories like these remind us that God is not far away. By God’s grace we’ve already seen some astonishing answers to prayers for the suffering people of Iran.