Sara’s Story

March 20, 2020

A neighborhood street in Lebanon

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Sara was living in a rural Aleppo province with her husband, Amir, and their nine children when the Syrian crisis broke out. After fleeing to Lebanon, Amir contracted a rare and threatening blood condition that local doctors were unable to cure.

Not long after the doctor’s diagnosis, Sara and her sister Amani came to our partner’s ministry center, hoping to receive basic food packets. Coming to Christians for help wasn’t easy. Like some Muslims, Sara considered the Christian faith a collection of mixed-up doctrines, the result of a corrupted Bible. Sara would never interact with Christians under normal circumstances. But she heard that her family would be welcomed and given aid at our partner’s center. So she went.

Sara and Amani were stunned by the love and respect they were shown. The staff not only served them but also stopped to pray for them, something neither woman had ever experienced. Over time, as Sara attended Bible classes and received prayer, she knew something in her life needed to change.

One day she asked one of the center’s staff, “How can I come to know this man Jesus in my heart?” That very day, Sara accepted Christ. A few days later, Amani also came to Christ.

As Sara attended discipleship classes, she noticed the transformation in her life and knew she had to begin praying for her husband and the rest of her family. She also began praying for healing for Amir’s blood condition.

Eventually, our partner’s discipleship director visited Amir. He shared the gospel with Amir again, and how Jesus can not only save but heal. From his bed, Amir gave his life to Jesus, and the whole family prayed for his healing.

The next day, the Lord answered their prayers, and Amir was miraculously healed. Following Amir’s healing, Sara, Amir, and Amani were persecuted and harassed by family members wanting them to renounce their new faith.

Despite opposition, all three remain faithful. Their believing brothers and sisters continue to stand with them, and the Lord has answered many more prayers, strengthening their faith. They have told many relatives and members of their tribe about Christ. Many have started coming to the church and have proclaimed faith in Christ.

Please pray for Sara, Amir, and Amani and their community

  • Thank the Lord for what He is doing in the MENA region; this story is far from unique.
  • Pray for our partner in Lebanon who is ministering every day to Syrian refugees despite a lack of resources and, in some cases, support from their own community in Lebanon, as refugees now outnumber native Lebanese.
  • Pray that the doors will open for families who want to return to Syria to rebuild their lives in their homeland.

The MENA Collective is resourcing dozens of ministry partners in the region who are providing resources, tools, and opportunities for spiritual growth and discovery in the region. The MENA region is home to 20 of the top 50 nations that persecute Christians for their faith. Despite this, our partners continue to share the love of Christ and remain a faithful witness.

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