Sameer’s Story

March 20, 2020




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At just 15 years old, Muslim-born Sameer joined Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a basji, an unpaid volunteer.

Sameer signed up to study Islamic theology, where he learned to hate Jews and the State of Israel. With this newfound passion, he decided to join a special unit, commissioned to carry out suicide bombings in Israel. Dying as a martyr in the name of Allah meant a direct ticket to paradise for Sameer, as promised in the Quran.

Shortly after enlisting, Sameer was invited to church and given a Bible by a close friend. “Immediately after opening it and reading about God’s love and plan for Israel, I got so mad that I stopped reading and discontinued the relationship with my friend,” Sameer said.

For thirty years, Sameer lived out his hatred for the Jewish people. This all changed just three years ago, when he suffered a severe stroke. Close to death, Sameer saw himself entering hell surrounded by Islamic leaders. Sameer shared his vision:

“They told me, ‘Our way was wrong,’ and they pointed upward and said, ‘His way is right, and He is the Savior.’ I looked up and saw many angels surrounding a person, calling Him Messiah, and singing, ‘Holy, holy, holy.’ I flew towards Him. He hugged me and said, ‘I want you to go back.’”

Many Muslim believers are led into a life of hatred towards the Jewish people. Iran Alive Ministries, founded by an Iranian Christian who was once a fervent Muslim, has long since shared an important aspect of their mission: to turn the enemies of Israel into its friends. Their founder says, “If you want to help the Jews, share the gospel with Muslims.”

Muslims who become Christians are transformed from being haters of Jews to people who love and pray for them. Sameer is now a Christian. He shares, “God changed my heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Not only was I freed from my hatred of the Jews, but I felt God was calling me to dedicate my life to pray for Israel and share the gospel with the Jews.

Please pray for Sameer and Iran Alive’s mission

  • Pray for the safety of Israel and the Jewish people.
  • Pray for people like Sameer, that those influenced by radical Islamic theology would be given the opportunity to see the Lord firsthand.
  • Pray for access to resources like Iran Alive’s, that will lead them to the truth of the gospel.

Your support of the MENA Collective helps provide vital funds for our ministry partners like Iran Alive and resources for people made vulnerable by the hatred taught by radical Islamists.