Mouneera’s Story

March 1, 2020

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“I was very sick the first time I came to the church. I had a newborn baby and had an infection from the delivery. In Arab culture, a woman is unclean for 40 days after childbirth.

My neighbor told me that there’s a conference for new people in the church. She said, “Try it, you’re not gonna lose anything.” I said, “I’m in my 40 days, how will I go out of my home?”

My neighbor told me, “Try Jesus. He’s the best doctor around and he’s doing a lot of things. You’re not gonna lose anything. You’re husband’s already paying a lot for your treatment.”

So I went to the church, but I was in pain and wasn’t very strong during the time. I went. It was my first time in the church. They told us that God heals us through his son Jesus Christ and that God came to the world. “Why?”I wondered. “He’s God, why would he care about my sickness?”

At the end of the conference, the pastor said: “Whoever wants specific prayers, let them come to the front.” I wasn’t able to walk alone, so someone helped me to come to the front. There was a girl that I’ll never forget. She said, “Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?” I said yes. And I didn’t know anything about Jesus about that time but I said yes. She said, “In the name of Jesus you are healed.” I said, “Amen.”

That day Jesus healed me, I don’t know how else to describe it. I started attending church and learning more and more about Christ and why He came. Day by day, I came closer to understanding Him more. I started to see miracles in front of my eyes.

For example, I have to buy a specific kind of milk for my baby who has growth problems. Once when I didn’t have any milk, when I was at home, I prayed:

“If you are really God, do you really want your kids suffering this way?” The next day, I don’t know how, but someone brought to our home four boxes of this specific kind of milk which was very expensive.

God did a lot of miracles in my life, my husband and I believe Jesus is truly God and died and rose from the dead after three days.

I got baptized recently. It’s a wonderful feeling. I regret all of the years I’ve live without knowing the goodness of Jesus. I pray more that God will open the eyes of my family and friends and that they may come to know Christ, that He is the way and the life.”

Please pray for Mouneera, her family and all refugees in Lebanon:

  • Pray for God to continue moving among refugee communities
  • Pray for healing of those suffering with illnesses or in need of basic supplies
  • Pray for our partners like Heart4Lebanon and Horizons for their health and safety

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