Rami’s Story

July 1, 2019

Young Egyptian Christians are widening’s the doors of the Egyptian church

Over half of Egypt is under the age of 25; that is 50 million young people, approximately 1.8th of America’s entire population, larger than the population of California by 10 million.

Rami, a young Egyptian, began working with refugees while still a student in high school. He traveled to Lebanon and Turkey to work with refugees.

“This work was very special to me, more than any other work I had done before,” Rami said.

Rami found himself encountering opportunities to share the gospel for the very first time. Growing up in the church, Rami knew a lot about religion and what it meant to follow God but never felt equipped to share what he knew with others.

In Lebanon, Rami now had the chance to change that reality. In one-on-one conversations with children and young refugee men, he shared his testimony for the first time and mapped out the gospel message.

“It changed my life, my life is different because of it,” Rami said. “We seem to complain a lot about our lives, about boredom and such, but those children found so much joy in just a little bit of music.”

Now 19 years old, Rami is studying literature in college while simultaneously leading multiple discipleship groups and continuing to work among refugees. Rami now speaks and teaches on evangelism in front of large groups at church trainings, camps, and services.

Rami’s church not only leads times of outreach and evangelism around the Middle East but also in their own nation of Egypt. Rami and his church’s teams creatively approach how to share with others. They organize beach outreaches along the coast with music, sports, drama and medical camps. They also host a yearly carnival and festival.

In recent years Rami and his church’s teams have shared the gospel with over 12,000 nonbelievers, distributed over 1,000 Bibles and led 755 young adults to faith in Christ.

“I dream for the doors of the church to be opened wider and wider,” Rami said. “I don’t want it to be just like we learned before, service, service only service, I want the good news to be boldly preached.”