Removing the stigma of children with special needs

April 11, 2019

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Our partners provide Turkey’s first ministry to special needs refugee children

Within the Middle East, there are certain stigmas often associated with children with disabilities. There are little to no schooling available to them and they are often kept at home with no social interaction or stimulating activities.

While working with the increased number of refugees arriving in their city, our partners encountered numerous families with special needs children. Surveying their congregation and city, our partners found caretakers and professionals ready to help.

They begin by in-home assessment visits, taking time to sit down with families who have children with special needs. During each visit our partners determine a family’s needs and create a treatment plan, tailoring their services to families’ individual needs. Some families require Arabic translation or physical therapy; others need trauma counseling and prayer for the suffering they have experienced.

At the end of each visit, they pray in Jesus’ name and are often given the chance to share the gospel.

They then register special needs children, ages 0-25 and invite them to our partner’s new community center. How they received and refurbished this center, an old preschool, is a testimony in and of itself! Families can sign their children up for social skills trainings, language classes, and a kid’s club.

Thanks to our partners, these children are given, often for the first time ever, practical, emotional, and spiritual support. We’re not talking about just a few dozen children. In 2017 our partners served 669 refugee children with special needs!

Today, over 50 refugee families are on the waiting list and the number is growing!


Please pray for our partners working with children with special needs:

  • Pray for families with children with special needs in the Middle East, pray for an increase in the number of programs for these families
  • Pray for our partners that they can have wisdom in designing their programming
  • Pray for nations like Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan for the conflicts there to be put to and end and for peace to reign

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